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How can drivers prepare for road trips?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Car Accidents |

As the days lengthen, drivers are more likely to take long road trips to visit family or explore new areas. Transitioning from the usual daily drives to these longer trips can take some planning.

Here are a few tips drivers should bear in mind:

Get adequate rest

A lack of sleep makes driving more dangerous. Yet many drivers are up late or sleep poorly the night before a long trip because they are still packing or stressing about whether they have everything sorted. Trying to get things prepared well in advance can make for better rest and a safer trip. 

On the night before the return journey, drivers should avoid staying out too late or drinking too much.

Plan in stops for rest, food and drink

It can be tempting to keep pushing on when you still have miles to drive. Yet adequate breaks are crucial to refresh drivers and passengers – remember hungry tired passengers can be more distracting. Eating at stops, rather than on the go, is also wiser, as eating and drinking while driving can be a dangerous distraction.

Set up the car in advance

Store items in the trunk if possible so they won’t move about or go flying if you have to brake suddenly.

Program your destination into the satnav before moving off, and consider checking the map or internet for suitable gas stations and coffee stops along the way. If you like listening to music, consider making playlists to avoid the need to search through the channels for music you like.

Finally, ensure your insurance documents are in the car in case a less-prepared driver crashes into you and you need to claim compensation.