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Large pickups are becoming one of the biggest hazards on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Some of the risks that you face on the road are getting better. Distracted driving is still an issue, for example, but more and more states are putting laws in place to prohibit the practice. Additionally, new automotive technology often makes the road safer, providing things like blind spot monitoring or automatic braking systems.

But in other ways, the roads are actually becoming more dangerous. One key example is the rise of oversized pickup trucks. Many modern trucks are vastly larger than their predecessors, and numerous people – especially children, pedestrians and cyclists – are losing their lives as a result.

A 45% increase in fatalities

One thing to consider is the hood height of these vehicles. If that hood height is over 40 inches, then the vehicle has a 45% greater chance of causing a fatal accident. This is because the hood is more likely to strike the person’s chest, neck and head, and the vehicle is also more likely to run over them – as opposed to the pedestrian falling on top of a shorter hood.

To add to the increasing risk, blunt profiles have been linked to a 26% increase in pedestrian fatalities. Many pickups have flat front ends that offer very little forgiveness in a crash.

Finally, these large vehicles have massive blind spots so that drivers can’t see. Many pick up truck drivers strike children or pedestrians without even realizing that anyone is in the path of their vehicle.

What are your options?

Unless pickup trucks start getting smaller, this problem is going to persist. As a result, it is critical that you know what options you have if you suffer serious injuries.