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Proper floor maintenance may help avoid accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Premises Liability |

As California residents may know, maintaining the floor in a business correctly may help avoid falls and slipping. Reviewing floor maintenance procedures and making improvements might help. From choosing the proper floor cleaners and checking for needed floor repairs to planning ahead for inclement weather, maintaining floors properly is necessary.

Traction may be reduced on floors after a long time of improper cleaning. The National Floor Safety Institute states that, although there are other causes of slips and falls such as improper footwear, at least half of these accidents may be attributed to improper floor cleaning. Floors may develop irregularities over the years that require repairs. Periodic inspection for potential hazards such as missing or chipped tiles, uneven cement floors or loose boards on wooden surfaces helps to avoid accidents.

Inclement weather may contribute to slips and falls, and necessary precautions must be put into place. Clearing building entrances and walks from fallen leaves, ice or snow is necessary, as well taking other precautions indoors. Using mats, floor signs or fans to dry wet floor might help.

Properly cleaning a floor and using the right materials to do so is another way to avoid accidents. One suggestion is to post cleaning instructions in supply areas and follow the instructions provided on the cleaning supplies for usage, as well as following the recommended instructions for water temperature. Changing solutions when cleaning water is dirty is also recommended to avoid redepositing dirt on floors and increasing buildup.

Business owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for those who are legally on their property. A person who has been injured after falling on a slippery floor at a retail establishment may want to meet with a personal injury attorney to determine if a premises liability lawsuit against the store owner would be an advisable way to pursue compensation for the damages that have been sustained.