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Preventing environmentally unsound spills

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Premises Liability |

California workers at facilities that have small drips, leaks and spill may face a challenge keeping those spills contained. The challenge is twofold because the spills create a surface that could lead to falls and are also an environmental hazard.

Hydrocarbons are collected with buckets and other makeshift containers at some facilities, but when it rains, this creates an additional hazard. The buckets must be emptied regularly or the hydrocarbons will float to the top, overflow and create the same environmental and fall hazard that the buckets were set up to prevent in the first place. This is an inefficient method of dealing with these drips.

A better solution is using a product that soaks up oil. These include socks, pads and pillows, and they also help to keep workers from slipping. However, there are disadvantages with these products as well. They must be changed regularly if there is precipitation or they become saturated. Once soaked, hydrocarbons may run off just as they do from buckets of water. They are also lightweight, so in windy areas, they may blow away.

There are new products on the market that are superior. They only soak up hydrocarbons and not rainwater. They are heavier and less likely to blow away, and they can also be reused. Health and safety professionals can choose the solution that is best for their workplace.

Keeping work areas free from spills is not just a concern from the standpoint of keeping employees safe but for keeping customers and other members of the public safe as well. In a premises liability case, if the owner of a property has failed to adequately deal with spills and similar hazards and a person slips and falls, the owner may be financially responsible. If the owner’s insurance company does not pay a sufficient amount, the injured victim may want to have a lawyer’s help in seeking compensation through a lawsuit.