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3 avoidable motorcycle accident causes

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

You were driving down the road on a calm afternoon ride when a car pulled out and cut off your route. With no time to stop, you’re left to dodge or hit the vehicle head-on. Tragically, this is a common type of accident for those on motorcycles.

Left-turn accidents like the one above, as well as other kinds, cause many accidents each year. What can you do to avoid them? Here are three tips.

1. Avoid left-turn accidents by focusing on drivers ahead of you

The best way to avoid a left-turn accident is to focus on drivers ahead of you to your right. Those who are pulling out from parking lots or side streets have the potential to cut off your path, which results in a head-on collision.

If you see a driver up ahead, wave, honk, flash your lights or otherwise try to get their attention. If you don’t think they see you, slow down.

2. Watch out for blind corners and curves

When you can’t see around a bend or corner, the driver on the other side may not be able to, either. Proceed with caution, and stick as far to the edge of your lane as possible. In cases where you’re approaching a blind bend in the road, remember that the driver is more likely to be over the center line to avoid the edge of the road if he or she is in the outside lane. By staying close to the edge of your lane, you can avoid getting hit due to the other driver’s position.

3. Cushion your position

Have you ever come to a stop sign or light and realized that another car may be approaching too quickly? Instead of getting hit from behind, the better option in these situations is to pull forward and ahead of the vehicle in front of you. If that’s not possible but there are two lanes of traffic, pull between the two vehicles. This creates a kind of buffer zone, so your vehicle won’t be the first one hit if someone doesn’t stop.

These are three tips to help keep you safe while you ride. If you’re hit, your attorney can help you seek compensation from the negligent driver.