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What is premises liability?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Premises Liability |

Personal injury is an area of law with many niches. Car accidents, wrongful death actions and medical malpractice claims are a few examples that are likely familiar. You may not be familiar with another type of personal injury claim referred to as premises liability.

A person injured while on another’s property may have a claim under this niche of personal injury law. Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe. As such, a property owner can be held liable when a failure to do so results in injury to another.

What are some examples of premises liability claims? Premises liability claims can include falling in a grocery store (slip-and-fall cases), getting attacked by a dog or suffering an injury while at an amusement park.

How does a victim establish this type of claim? There are a few avenues available to build a premises liability case. Three examples include:

  • Negligence. This would essentially require establishing that the owner negligently maintained the property and that this failure resulted in injury.
  • Failure to warn. There are certain situations in which a property owner is required to warn those who may come onto his or her property of a dangerous condition.
  • Dangerous condition of public property. This option is available for those who are injured on public property, like a school or park.

Like any claim in the legal world, it is wise to act promptly. Time limits are present on when an injured party can file a suit to hold the owner accountable for their wrongdoing.