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Brain injury victims face a long, expensive road to recovery

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Brain Injury |

When a person in California is in a car accident, slips and falls on someone else’s property or is in a sporting accident, he or she could suffer serious injuries to his or her head, specifically the brain. A head injury constitutes damage to parts of the head other than the brain, such as the skull. However, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) specifically affects the brain, which experiences trauma due to an external force.

Even mild TBIs can result in long-lasting damage. For example, a TBI could cause negative mood changes, result in chronic headaches, lead to memory loss, make it difficult to sleep and lead to problems with the cognitive functioning of the brain. It can take a long time for these effects to go away, and in serious cases they may be permanent.

When a person suffers a TBI, they will incur numerous expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and more. They may be unable to work for a while and they could experience significant pain and suffering. If their TBI was caused by the negligence of another, the TBI victim may want to seek compensation for the many damages they suffered.

At our firm, we understand what is at stake when a person suffers a TBI. To determine how much to pursue in damages, it can help to work with medical and vocational experts, so an appropriate amount of compensation can be sought. When a TBI is caused due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, that party should be held accountable for the injuries the TBI victim suffered. This way the victim can focus on regaining his or her health without having to worry about the many expenses they face in doing so.