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Different brain injuries may have different symptoms

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Brain Injury |

Suffering a head trauma is a serious situation. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons identifies two different ways that traumatic brain injuries or TBI may occur. First, TBI can happen when a person suffers a blow to their head that affects their brain. Second, TBI may result if a person suffers a penetration injury to their brain. Both impact and penetration injuries to the head are possible when individuals are involved in common personal injury events like motor vehicle accidents, and when TBI occurs, a victim can suffer a range of side effects.

The severity of a TBI may determine if the victim will lose consciousness after their injury-causing event. While a mild TBI may cause a victim to suffer a momentary loss of consciousness or no loss of consciousness at all, serious TBI harm may result in coma or even loss of life. Other symptoms of TBI will vary based on severity of injury as well.

For example, TBI victims may experience some of the following conditions: pain, paralysis, confusion, disorientation, vomiting, cognitive challenges, dizziness, numbness and a host of other problems. When a victim suspects that they may have suffered a TBI, they should immediately seek medical help. Medical treatment may help a victim recover from their injuries and may also help them build a case for the recovery of their accident-related losses.

California residents who are harmed in serious accidents should be aware of the severe problems that TBI can cause. Personal injury attorneys may be able to support victims of TBI as they work through the details of their cases to find possible legal claims to pursue.