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Truckers who are more reliant on coffee may be crashing more

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Blog, Truck Accidents |

Truckers in California may want to ask themselves how many cups of coffee they need to get through the work day. One study seems to say that the more they drink, the more likely they are to suffer from poor health and to get into accidents.

The study was conducted by a U.K. researcher together with the Virginia Tech Transport Institute. It involved just over 3,000 truck drivers from eight states who reported that they drink either one cup of coffee a day or more than five cups a day. Researchers deliberately left out those truckers in between to more clearly study the difference between low and high caffeine consumption.

It turns out that the high coffee drinkers suffered from poorer sleep, diet and overall health and that they tended to smoke and drink more alcohol. Then, 27.8% admitted to being in a crash once in the three years prior. Compare this to the 21.6% of low coffee drinkers who admitted to the same thing.

Of course, the association does not prove that high coffee consumption leads to poor health and more crashes. Researchers say that one must consider other details, such as the varied preferences for caffeinated beverages and the difference in coffee consumption between work days and the days that truckers rest.

In any event, driving without adequate sleep, driving drunk and even driving while smoking are forms of negligence. When these behaviors contribute to truck accidents, those who were injured may be able to file a claim against the trucking company. Trucking companies will most likely try to force victims into agreeing to a low-ball settlement at first, so it may be wise to hire a lawyer. The lawyer may, in turn, hire third parties like crash investigators and medical experts to help strengthen the case.