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What should I know about ridesharing accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

For many people, ridesharing is an easy way to get around. The privacy and convenience ridesharing offers make it an attractive alternative to public transportation, walking or biking. Yet, these benefits can come at a cost.

As ridesharing services become more popular, the number of motor vehicle accident fatalities has increased. Are these two trends linked?

The link between ridesharing and traffic fatalities

When Uber first launched in 2010, traffic fatalities were at a 60-year low. Since then, they have gradually trended upward. Research shows that, since 2011, traffic fatalities have increased at a rate of around 3% per year. This increase is most pronounced in urban areas.

One reason cited for this increase is the advent of ridesharing services, which has led to more vehicles on the road. Ridesharing companies pride themselves on convenience. To serve users in a timely manner, companies have numerous drivers out at any given time. With more vehicles on the road, more people end up in danger.

What if I’m involved in a ridesharing accident?

Ridesharing accidents can be jarring — and costly — experiences for people. If you get hurt in one, you will likely wonder about covering medical expenses. Figuring out whose insurance to file a claim under can be tricky, though.

Ridesharing companies carry liability insurance, which provides coverage when ridesharing drivers are responsible for an accident. In California, ridesharing drivers must have this insurance. But it is based on phases, and the amount of compensation victims can receive depends on the phase in which the accident happens.

Ridesharing accidents are not always the fault of ridesharing drivers. If a driver in another vehicle is at fault, you will file a claim through their insurance company.

Can I file a personal injury lawsuit?

For some victims of ridesharing accidents, insurance compensation might not cover all their expenses and losses. In this case, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be a viable option. This can be a complex process, and victims may want to seek help to make sure they take the appropriate steps.