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How to spot a flood-damaged used car

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

When areas suffer flood damage, used cars often suffer from water damage as a result. Unfortunately, used car buyers do not always know that water damage has occurred until after they make the purchase.

Avoid struggling with the aftermath of a flood-damaged used car by knowing what to look for.

Does the car smell unusual?

A musty smell in any car is an indication of water damage. That is not the only smell that can indicate water damage. A heavy chemical or perfume scent in the car can indicate an effort to cover up odors, including water damage issues.

Is there any discoloration in the upholstery?

Carpeting and upholstery often become discolored after water exposure. If you spot a key discoloration mark inside the car, that’s a sign that there was water accumulation in the car. Brand-new upholstery throughout the interior of the car could also be an indication of floodwater exposure if paired with other signs.

Do the headlights fog up?

Floodwater exposure often leads to moisture buildup inside the headlight assemblies. This causes condensation and fogging inside the headlights when it gets humid. If you see humidity inside the light fixtures, the car may suffer from flood damage issues. You might also notice sand or dirt inside the headlight assembly if the water level was high enough.

A thorough assessment of a used car is important when you shop in an area exposed to flood damage. Protect yourself from buying a car that suffered water damage, including the lasting effects, by learning what to watch for.