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Spotting and avoiding impaired drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Impaired driving is an unfortunately common crime in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32 people die daily from impaired driving accidents. The sad part of drunk or impaired driving is that every crash is preventable.

You may not be able to control other drivers, but you can make the road safer for you and your family. Please continue reading to learn more about spotting impaired drivers and avoiding them.

Spotting the signs

There are several signs that a driver is under the influence. Pay attention to the following signs:

  • Speeds up or slows down erratically without an apparent reason or ignores traffic laws
  • Wanders into other lanes without using a turn signal or makes an illegal turn
  • Nearly collides with other vehicles and objects or drives outside the boundaries of the road
  • Drives significantly slower or faster than the speed limit or demonstrates a slow reaction time to circumstances on the road

Avoiding the danger

When you notice any of the signs listed above, assume the worst and stay far away from the vehicle. Do not try to wave the driver down or pass them. Try to get the license plate number without putting yourself in danger. Pull your car over whenever it is safe and call the police. Tell them where you saw the driver, describe the vehicle and explain why you believe they are an impaired driver.

Sharing the road with an impaired driver is a scary experience. Always prioritize your safety before trying to report the driver, and do not endanger yourself in the process.