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4 tips for driving in high wind

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Car Accidents |

High winds can pose a serious safety risk for drivers. In fact, swerving due to wind and similar circumstances led to hundreds of fatal crashes in 2020.

Driving where high winds or storms are possible requires forethought to stay safe.

1. Plan your trip

Try to plan your route to avoid areas where strong gusts are more likely. Check the weather before leaving to be aware of what you may face on the road. Ensure you have an emergency kit in your car for an unexpected situation.

2. Hold the steering wheel correctly

When driving during high winds, you must hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands to maintain control. Intense storms can make controlling your vehicle difficult, so keep both hands securely at “10 and 2.” Do not drive with just one hand on the wheel, which may not allow you to correct your vehicle if the wind pushes you off course.

3. Drive slowly

When facing high winds, you must drive slowly and cautiously. Winds can catch you off guard, so avoid any temptation to try to get away quickly. You will have more control over your vehicle if it moves at a slower speed.

4. Watch for debris

High winds can quickly create roadblocks by throwing loose items from nature and surrounding property onto roads. Pay particular attention to downed power lines, which create additional hazards. Remain alert and watch for any objects that may come into your path unexpectedly.

Driving during high winds requires extra caution and preparation. With these tips in mind, you can remain safe while traveling on the road during unpredictable weather events.