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Truck vs. car crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle collisions can range in severity, and the specific vehicle involved could factor into how much damage occurs. A compact car would likely suffer more damage than a tractor-trailer if hit from behind. Conversely, a tractor-trailer could crush a compact car or even an SUV in a rear-end collision. California drivers should be mindful of the differences between car crashes and ones involving commercial trucks.

Stark differences

The most apparent difference between cars and trucks is the size of commercial vehicles. A multi-ton tractor-tractor could inflict enormous damage upon hitting a smaller vehicle. That is one reason commercial drivers must avoid moving violations and dangerous practices when traveling to their destination. For example, tailgating a smaller car may yield fatal results.

That said, a car’s driver could be at fault for an accident with a truck. Drivers who aren’t mindful of a truck’s blind spots may increase the crash risk. Cutting off a tractor-trailer and haphazardly pulling into a blind spot may result in the tractor-trailer running over the smaller vehicle.

Fault and crashes

The aftermath of motor vehicle accidents might leave victims suffering from injuries. Those hurt in an accident may take legal action to recover their losses. However, investigations involving truck collisions could be complex. Such accidents might involve multicar crashes and result in several victims suffering catastrophic injuries. Investigations and evidence-gathering procedures could take longer than anticipated.

Truck collisions may result in litigation against third parties, such as the truck driver’s employer. Employers who ignore recommended repairs or do not follow federal and state regulations regarding mandatory breaks might be liable for injuries inflicted in a crash.

Lawsuits or insurance claims could present means to recover losses. Some may seek punitive damages when gross negligence or deliberate actions result in harm.