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Millennial parents admit to texting and driving, study says

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Car Accidents |

By now most people in California are aware that using a cellphone while behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous. Such distractions take a driver’s focus off of the task of driving. When they are not aware of their surroundings, distracted drivers can easily cause a car accident. And, according to one study, millennial parents — those parents between the ages of 22 to 37 — are highly likely to use a cellphone while driving.

According to one study of over 400 parents, over 50% of millennial parents and almost 60% of parents age 37 and up stated that texting and driving was never safe. However, almost two-thirds of these parents said that they had read a text message while behind the wheel and more than 50% said they sent a text message while driving. Millennial parents also admitted to engaging in tasks other than texting, such as emailing and using maps on their cellphone.

This may stem from the notion these days that we must always be accessible. However, when a person uses a cellphone while driving, their attention is taken off the task of driving, their vision is taken off their surroundings on the road and their hands are taken off the wheel, meaning they are not in control of their vehicle. It is easy to see why this dangerous trifecta can lead to car accidents. The fact that parents are engaging in texting and driving is especially troubling, as it puts not only their lives at risk, but their child’s life as well.

If a person is in a car crash caused by someone who was texting and driving, they could suffer serious injuries. If this happens, they may want to take steps to hold the at-fault party responsible. Distracted driving breaches a motorist’s duty of care to drive reasonably under the circumstances. If it can be shown that this breach was the cause of the damages suffered, pursuing a legal claim may be one way to hold distracted drivers accountable for their actions.