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How insurance usually works with a borrowed vehicle

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Borrowing a friend’s car may be necessary or even fun at times. However, a person may wonder what happens if they are involved in an accident in a vehicle that does not belong to them. Here are some basic things California residents should know.

One common misconception is that car insurance follows the driver. The opposite is actually true. In most cases, the insurance is going to follow the car. As long as the owner of the vehicle has insurance, it is likely to cover a crash the vehicle is involved in, no matter who the driver is. In some cases, secondary insurance from the driver may come into play.

If a person causes a car crash in a borrowed vehicle and they had the owner’s permission, the liability insurance that belongs to the owner of the vehicle would pay for possible injuries up to the limit on the policy and other driver’s damages. The owner of the vehicle is the one who files a claim and is responsible for paying the deductible. If the owner’s coverage is not enough, the one who borrowed the vehicle may be able to use their insurance to cover the rest.

There are a few cases when a person who owns a vehicle that was borrowed and the vehicle was involved in an accident would not be liable for damages. The two main scenarios are if the one who drove the vehicle and caused the accident is excluded on the insurance policy or if the vehicle was taken without the permission of the owner.

Car accidents can be complicated. After a person is injured in an accident, he or she may want to discuss their situation with an attorney. The attorney might help a client file the needed paperwork to get compensation for damages, pain and suffering and medical bills. They may even represent a client in court if it was necessary.