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Eating while driving can lead to fatal car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents |

While most people in California think of texting and driving as the most dangerous thing they can do on the road, eating and driving can be just as dangerous. When eating food, people typically look away from the road, drive one-handed and try to avoid spills, which pulls their attention away from the highway. The drive becomes even more dangerous if they’re drinking coffee, which can spill and cause serious burns.

Multiple studies have shown that eating while driving increases the risk of getting into automobile accidents. One study showed that eating on the road increases the risk of a crash by nearly 40%. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hamburgers, soup, coffee, doughnuts, fried chicken and chili are some of the most dangerous products to eat or drink while driving.

To reduce their risk of accidents, people should wait until they’ve reached their destination to start eating. If they need to eat or drink something immediately, they should pull over and eat their meal before getting back on the road. Otherwise, they put themselves and others at risk of a potentially fatal car accident.

Where should an individual go for legal guidance after a car accident?

If the victim of a motor vehicle accident wishes to pursue legal action against a negligent driver, they might hire an attorney. An attorney may have experience with a wide range of cases, including car crashes, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus crashes and pedestrian injuries. The attorney may be able to help their client assess the mental, physical and financial damages that they’ve suffered as a result of the crash. They may assist their client in documenting evidence and presenting the case to a judge. Once a lawsuit has been filed, the attorney might negotiate for the compensation their client is entitled to.