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The dangers of driving with migraines

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents |

When people are asked about the most common reasons for car accidents, it’s likely that many will include speeding and texting. Although those reasons are certainly true, they are not the only ones. A less commonly talked about issues is driving with migraines. Many drivers in California and around the nation suffer from migraines and thus are forced to drive around while suffering the effects. Is driving with migraines is safe? The following includes further information that you, as a driver, should be aware of.

Why driving with a migraine is dangerous

It should be noted that suffering from migraines is not the same thing as driving with a migraine. A driver could function perfectly if they are able to time their departures properly. However, driving while a migraine is occurring can be very dangerous and potentially lead to car accidents. One of the biggest reasons for that is due to the visual issues that tend to occur during a migraine. A migraine can drastically affect a person’s vision to the point that things on the road become blurry. Below are other effects of a migraine that can become dangerous:

  • Nausea and extreme pain
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Medication reaction

What to do if you feel a migraine coming on

In the event that you feel a migraine once you’re driving, it is important to take the following action. Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers and begin to slow down your vehicle as sudden visual impairment may cause you to hit someone as you attempt to pull over. Once you’re stopped, you should contact someone who is healthy enough to pick you and your car up.

Although there are certainly a few things one can do to prevent an accident from occurring, the reality is that accidents do happen. It is important to ensure you have an experienced legal team with you as you seek compensation for your losses.