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Are intersections dangerous for drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Upon stopping at an intersection, a driver might think it is time to relax. Waiting for a red light to change may give a driver a “breather” from traffic, but allowing one’s attention to drift could lead to an accident. California intersections could be busy locations, thanks to cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Keeping eyes and ears on the activity near an intersection might be a safe practice.

Dealing with intersection dangers

Going through an intersection is normally legal when the street is clear and the light green. Even when a driver has the right of way, being careful seems advisable. A pedestrian or scooter rider could dart out into the intersection, ignoring a red light. Take that as one reason to approach an intersection with caution.

Distractions could cause car accidents at intersections. A driver might blow a horn at a bicyclist, causing other drivers to look in that car’s direction. That momentary distraction could be more than enough to cause a crash.

Distractions might rank among the top reasons for accidents at intersections. Texting or eating while approaching an intersection might be enough to dull perceptions and reflexes and cause a collision. Yet, many drivers try to multitask and ignore safe driving practices.

Put safety first at intersections

City intersections could be busy places, especially during lunchtime or rush hour. Defensive driving skills may be necessary when trying to make turns near pedestrians and bicyclists. And don’t overlook the dangers other vehicles present. An impatient driver could commit a moving violation that puts everyone at risk.