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Tips for staying safe while driving at night in California

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Driving at night in California is more dangerous than driving during the day. This is mostly because of the difficulty of judging the distance and speed of incoming vehicles and reduced visibility. To ensure safety, here are some useful tips you could apply.

1. Don’t drive when you are tired

For most people, our body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) automatically makes us feel sleepy at night. Therefore, engaging in a task that requires your full attention, especially in the dark, could cause a car accident. If you feel drowsy, don’t get behind the wheel – even coffee, energy drinks or chewing gum won’t keep you alert.

2. Drive slowly

Driving slowly significantly reduces the chances of car accidents. Since there is reduced visibility and the difficulty to gauge the distance and speed of other vehicles, your reaction time will be reduced. Driving slowly gives you a few precious extra seconds to respond to an oncoming danger on the road.

3. Don’t stare directly at the oncoming lights

You have probably noticed that while driving at night, staring directly at the lights of oncoming vehicles blinds you for a moment. And, it takes just a second for an accident to happen. Therefore, focus on the exterior lane of the road, or shift your eyes towards the right when encountering another vehicle.

4. Dim your dashboard lights

Looking at something so bright then immediately staring at a rather darker place can have you momentarily blinded. When your dashboard is too bright, adjust the settings to a lower brightness level that you can still see but doesn’t affect your driving.

5. Keeps your headlights and windshield clean

Your aim while driving at night should be limiting factors that could interfere with your visibility. Dirty windshields and headlights could cause glare that could make it very challenging to see in the dark.

Driving at night in California can also be safe when you follow the above tips. However, if something happens to you, get the quick medical help you need.