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Understanding the requirements for a wrongful death

The loss of elderly loved ones to old age is hard on those who loved and cared for them, while the deaths of young friends and family members can be devastating when the losses are unexpected. Not every death that occurs in the California will be considered wrongful, but it is important to understand just what constitutes a wrongful death under the law.

What is an "attractive nuisance"?

To some extent, property owners in California can do what they want with the land that they own. While they may be restricted in terms of zoning ordinances and the covenants of their neighborhoods, a person who owns land has a fair amount of autonomy when it comes to how they use it. However, property owners have a duty to provide safe premises for those who are permitted to be on their land and, in some cases, must also ensure the safety of individuals who may come onto their properties without permission.

Legal counsel for victims of 4th of July car accidents

The 4th of July is perhaps the most celebrated summer holiday for Americans. With children out of school and individuals able to take vacation days around it, the 4th of July is often used as a reason to get together with family members, good friends, and beloved associates. When individuals come together to enjoy each other's company and to revel in the independence of the country, they may choose to do so with food, fireworks, and alcohol.

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