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What events could indicate a wrongful death suit is possible?

It's many people's worst nightmare. Receiving a phone call or a visit that bears news of the sudden loss of a loved one. Shock is normally the first and prominent reaction, followed usually by any emotional reaction in the book. Most can't believe that this is really happening. Once realization sets in, many have questions about how and why this happened.

Was a slip and fall head injury caused by dangerous conditions?

When we enter a store, business or other location, we may not understand that we are owed a duty of care. Most locations heed this without much consideration. However, sometimes owners of premises can fail to execute a safe environment or the property can be downright unsafe or dangerous. The ultimate result can be personal injury for the unsuspecting person to enter the premises.

What are common causes of traumatic brain injuries?

Like other medical injuries that California residents may suffer, traumatic brain injuries can be mild or may be life-threatening. No matter the degree of severity, brain injuries occur when the normal activities of the brain are disrupted by bumps, jolts or penetrations on or into the brain. Depending on how and the severity of the injury, the injured party may require medical attention and long-term support.

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone else on the roads

Drunk driving is a serious problem in every state across the United States. Every day, innocent individuals lose their lives and suffer life-changing injuries when vehicles operated by intoxicated drivers hit the cars they are driving and riding in. Too many California families have been affected by the actions of drunk drivers and have suffered the pain of losing loved ones in drunk driving collisions.

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