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Hit-and-run car accident victim unable to work

As California residents may know, there is a reason why it is against the law to flee the scene of an accident. Hit-and-run car accidents can be devastating to a victim and the victim's family in that it can leave them struggling with financial damage as well as physical injuries.

Drunk driver arrests soar, but California motorists must be wary

In California, as in all other states, drunk drivers are a scourge on the highways. They pose a significant danger to other motorists by way of car accidents, serious injury and even highway deaths. Fortunately, over the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve 2017, a greater number of drunk drivers were arrested than in the same period last year. Whether this indicates better enforcement or a larger number of people driving drunk, it's a clear reminder to motorists that they should always be wary while driving.

Victims of car accidents can often pursue their damages

Although car accidents are common sights on the freeways in and around Alameda, no one expects that they will become the victim of another person's driving negligence. A collision between two vehicles can be a violent and dangerous event that may leave a victim with serious medical injuries and emotional trauma. The aftermath of a car accident can be long-lasting and may impact a victim's life well into the future.

The difference between reckless, negligent and distracted drivers

The majority of car accidents today are caused by what is classified as a distracted driver. However, in addition to that title, there are a few others that may classify a driver as well. These classifications can carry differing punishments and consequences. So, what is the difference between a distracted driver, a negligent driver, and a reckless driver?

Drivers are more likely to be liable in a child bicycle crash

Most bicycle versus car accidents involve children. This is because 1) children are often riding bicycles since it's one of the only modes of transportation available to them, and 2) children are less capable of avoiding car crashes.

What Is A Dooring Collision?

Hundreds of thousands of bicycle collisions happen every year in the state of California, resulting in more than a hundred annual fatalities. While many of these happen when both the motor vehicle and the bicycle are in motion, many happen when the vehicle is parked, and the key is out of the ignition.

Fatal crashes involving teen drivers increase in summer months

California residents may not know that the period between Memorial Day and the first day back to school marks what is unofficially labeled the "100 deadliest days" of summer for teen drivers. The season is labeled as such because over 1,000 people have died yearly for the past five years during this period, and industry groups are concerned that the situation has gotten extremely dangerous due to teens' use of texting and social media while driving.

2016 Memorial holiday traveling statistics and safety tips

California motorists who plan to travel during the 2016 Memorial Day weekend might be surprised to learn the large amount of vehicle-related deaths and injuries that the National Safety Council estimates will occur. According to reports, the NSC has estimated that more than 50,000 people will be severely injured in vehicle-related accidents and 439 will die. If these estimates come to pass, the 2016 Memorial Day holiday will experience more fatalities since 2009, when 469 crash-related deaths occurred.

How self-driving cars could impact the insurance industry

Auto insurance companies in California and around the country could have much to lose if the predictions made by autonomous vehicle makers prove to be accurate. Companies like Tesla and Google say that self-driving cars will make the roads safer by eliminating the human error that causes most traffic accidents, and the Swedish car maker Volvo believes that the technology could make its passenger vehicles virtually death proof by 2020.

California drivers concerned about rising traffic fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration monitors the trends in traffic fatalities by analyzing accident reports. In the first nine months of 2014, there were 23,796 traffic deaths, and in the first nine months of 2015 the agency has estimated there were over 26,000 deaths. This means that traffic fatalities were up 9.3 percent nationwide for the first time after years of declining steadily.

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