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Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone else on the roads

Drunk driving is a serious problem in every state across the United States. Every day, innocent individuals lose their lives and suffer life-changing injuries when vehicles operated by intoxicated drivers hit the cars they are driving and riding in. Too many California families have been affected by the actions of drunk drivers and have suffered the pain of losing loved ones in drunk driving collisions.

When should a car accident victim consider a settlement?

It is important that California residents seek legal guidance when they are involved in serious incidents, such as car accidents. That is because different cases may be resolved in different ways, and the theories of law that support some victims' claims may not be the same as for other victims. To this end, this post does not offer legal advice and is informational in its contents.

Legal counsel for victims of 4th of July car accidents

The 4th of July is perhaps the most celebrated summer holiday for Americans. With children out of school and individuals able to take vacation days around it, the 4th of July is often used as a reason to get together with family members, good friends, and beloved associates. When individuals come together to enjoy each other's company and to revel in the independence of the country, they may choose to do so with food, fireworks, and alcohol.

Speeding driver likely causes deadly collision in Berkeley

Although speed limits may at times seem like hindrances to drivers who need to get to their destinations in timely manners, they exist for important reasons. California laws and regulations dictate how fast drivers may operate their vehicles in certain locations and on different types of roads so that they do not lose control and cause injuries to themselves and others. When drivers ignore these laws, devastating accidents can happen, like one that recently occurred in Berkeley.

Millennial parents admit to texting and driving, study says

By now most people in California are aware that using a cellphone while behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous. Such distractions take a driver's focus off of the task of driving. When they are not aware of their surroundings, distracted drivers can easily cause a car accident. And, according to one study, millennial parents -- those parents between the ages of 22 to 37 -- are highly likely to use a cellphone while driving.

Catastrophic Injuries FAQs

A catastrophic injury in one in which a life, and often several other lives of family members, are forever changed. It is an event characterized by not only disabilities and difficulty with normal day-to-day activities, but also severe financial and emotional stress on a victim's family.

The importance of crash reconstruction after a car accident

In determining the correct cause of a car accident, crash reconstruction can be a vital tool. It can piece together the entire picture of a scene, including the before and after accident circumstances. In fact, it is so important that a car accident injury case may be won based on the findings of a crash reconstruction report, especially in a wrongful death matter. While these reports are usually not required for minor accidents or fender benders, they are of the utmost importance when a death has occurred.

Recreational marijuana cab increase number of car accidents

California recently joined its sister states on the West Coast, as well as a handful of other states in the country, in allowing for the legal use of marijuana amongst adults. No matter how one feels about whether this is a positive policy move or ill-advised decision, this social change is going to present new challenges with respect to traffic safety, particularly now that this drug is legal in the state with the largest population.

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