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What is electric shock drowning?

The area in and around San Francisco and the larger Bay Area is, quite obviously, full of places to boat, sail and enjoy the water. While the water in the ocean itself may be a little too cold for the liking of many would-be swimmers, there are also plenty of rivers, lakes, and the like where one can take a dip in the warmer months.

Emotional trauma and premises liability claims

We often write here on our Alameda personal injury law blog about the types of injuries and losses for which victims can seek compensation. All manner of outward physical injuries, brain injuries and the loss of a loved one's life may be included in a legal action.

What happens when you break a tooth in a slip-and-fall accident?

Recently, this blog discussed a fall injury where the victim broke one of her teeth, among other injuries. When we're used to talking about broken bones and other more graphic injuries, a broken tooth may seem trivial in comparison. But just how serious is a fractured or broken tooth and what will treatment require?

Premises liability suit filed over fall on broken sidewalk

Property owners in Alameda have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for visitors or other people using the property. When a property owner's negligence causes someone to suffer an injury, a premises liability claim can help the victim recover compensation.

Premises liability and injuries in public spaces

Dangerous property conditions are commonly associated with buildings, either inside or perhaps in a parking lot or ramp, or on an adjacent sidewalk. An unfortunate accident at a local Alameda park, however, demonstrates that hazardous conditions can lead to injury even in the wide-open outdoors.

Dangerous property conditions can cause scarring, disfigurement

The slip-and-fall case is something that Alameda residents may be well familiar with. Whether due to a slick sidewalk, parking lot or wet floor, this type of premises liability claim commonly involves compensation for broken bones, soft tissue damage, perhaps even head or brain injuries.

Protecting the rights of Californians injured by falling objects

As we discussed recently here on our Alameda personal injury law blog, suffering an injury by slipping and falling can cause serious consequences for which a negligent property owner can be held responsible. But a slippery floor or other surface is just one type of dangerous property condition that can cause injuries.

Lawsuit against Walmart over slip-and-fall accident continues

Walmart is no stranger to headlines about customer safety issues in its stores. From Black Friday crowds trampling victims to dangerous individuals wielding weapons in the aisles, the retail giant has made the news for a number of deeply concerning episodes. Yet Alameda residents continue to read stories about even the most basic safety precautions being neglected, giving rise to hazardous conditions.

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